Quorn Mycoprotein

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Mycoprotein is high in fibre, containing 6g of dietary fibre per 100g, more than potatoes, baked beans, brown bread and brown rice. Twelve per cent of the fibre is soluble and 88 per cent is insoluble.

Food Approximate fibre per 100g
Mycoprotein (uncooked)
Baked beans in tomato sauce 3.7g
Boiled potatoes 1.2g
Brown bread 3.6g
Brown rice 0.8g

Data source for Mycoprotein, Marlow Foods
Data source for other foods; MeReC Bulletin Vol. 14 No 6, 2004

The fibre in Mycoprotein is especially interesting as it is primarily polymeric n-acetyl glucosamine (chitin) and beta1,3 and 1,6 glucan. (Thirty five per cent of the fibre is chitin and 65 per cent is B-glucan).

There is considerable academic interest in the cholesterol lowering effects of beta 1,3 glucans as well as interest in naturally occurring polymeric glucosamine and this is disucssed further in the health benefits section.