Quorn Mycoprotein

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structure.jpgMycoprotein is the ingredient common to all Quorn™ products. It is a healthy, meat-free source of protein and is also a good source of dietary fibre. Mycoprotein is low in fat and saturates and contains no cholesterol and no trans fats at all.

Fusarium Venenatum

Fusarium venenatum, the principal ingredient of Mycoprotien is an ascomycota, one of the largest groups within the fungi family, which also includes truffles and morels. It is one of a genus of filamentous fungi, meaning it is comprised of a web of finely spun strands (hyphae).


Products made with Mycoprotein have a meat-like texture because the harvested strands (hyphae) have a similar structure to animal muscle cells (ie they are filamentous with a high length/diameter ratio).

What is Mycoprotein?

Quick Overview

Mycoprotein is the ingredient common to all Quorn™ products. It’s a meat-free form of high quality protein. Mycoprotein is made by adding oxygen, nitrogen, glucose and minerals to a fungus called Fusarium venenatum.