In this section, you will find downloadable, printable resources about mycoprotein, it’s unique nutrition qualities and its reduced environmental impact.

The following elements are within:

  • A short presentation including nutritional facts and figures
  • Fact sheets
  • Accredited student learning module
  • Presentations on mycoprotein from nutritional scientists

Learn more about this unique meat-free protein.

What is Mycoprotein?

Did you know that the work to find this alternative protein source for humans began in the 1960s? Download the ‘What is Mycoprotein?’ fact sheet to read more and share with others.

What is Mycoprotein? PDF - 588KB

Health Benefits of Mycoprotein

Gold standard research and development continues to establish mycoprotein as a protein source with broad spectrum health benefits, and a low impact on the Earth. Download the 'Health Benefits of Mycoprotein' factsheet to learn more.

Health Benefits of Mycoprotein PDF - 660KB

Food and Nutrition Students and Professionals

Food and nutrition specialists may find this information sheet useful. It summarizes mycoprotein's nutritional properties and the production process behind this nutritious, meat-free protein resource. This program is eligible for Advanced Level Home Economist Study: AS unit G002 Resource Management; A2 units G003 Home Economics (Food and Health) Investigate Study; and G004 Nutrition and Food Production.

Information Sheet For A-Level Home Economics PDF - 630KB

Similarly, specialists may find this short PowerPoint presentation useful. It summarizes mycoprotein's nutritional properties and the evidence which exists at present for its health benefits.

Nutritional profile of Quorn PDF - 268KB

Mycoprotein: The Future of Nutritious Non-Meat Protein

Learn more about mycoprotein from scientists presenting at the American Society for Nutrition conference 2018.

Recordings from ASN 2018